Majlis-e-Aza Bibi Fatima (SA)

Guest speaker: Sayyed Tayyeb Mousvi (Speech in English) Address: Northlake Lutheran Church 6620, NE 185th St, Kenmore, WA

Death of Abraham

Abraham is the common patriarch of the Abrahamic religions, including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In Judaism, he was the founding father of the covenant of the pieces, the special relationship between the Hebrews and God; in Christianity, he was the spiritual progenitor of all believers, Jewish or Gentile (non-Jewish); and in Islam he is seen …

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Birth of Sukaynah bint Husayn

Ruqayyah bint Al-Ḥusayn, was the daughter of Husayn ibn Ali and Rubab bint Imra al-Qais. Her brothers included Ali Zayn al-Abidin, Ali al-Akbar, and Ali al-Asghar. Her sisters included Fatimah as-Sughra and Fatimah al-Kubra, with the latter also being called ‘Sakinah’. Updated: Mon, 06 Feb 2023 13:33:26 +0000 Additional information This calendar is provided by …

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Koo’nda The word NAZR is an Arabic word which means “an offering,” in its verbal form it will mean “to offer” or “to make a spiritual vow.” Sometimes the word NIAZ is also used in this context. This is a word from Farsi which means “need,” and it is its metaphorical use in the… …

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Birth of Ali al-Asghar ibn Husayn

Abdullah Ali al-Asghar ibn Al-Husayn, or simply Ali Asghar, was the youngest child of Al-Husayn and Rubab bint Imra’ al-Qays. He was martyred during the Battle of Karbala, and is commemorated in shia as the “personified quintessence of the innocent victim.” He is given the title “Bab al-Hawa’ij”. Updated: Mon, 06 Feb 2023 13:33:26 +0000 …

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Martyrdom of Musa al-Kadhim

Musa ibn Ja’far al-Kadhim, also spelled al-Kazim, and also known as Abu al-Hasan, Abu Abd Allah or Abu Ibrahim, was the seventh Imam in Twelver Shia Islam after his father Ja’far al-Sadiq. He is regarded by Shias as a renowned scholar, and was a contemporary of the Abbasid caliphs Al-Mansur, Al-Hadi, Al-Mahdi and Harun al-Rashid. …

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Martyrdom of Abu Talib

Abu Taleb or Abu Talib may refer to:Abu Talib ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib (549-619), Arab leader and head of the Banu Hashim clanAbu Talib al-Makki, Arab scholar, jurist and mysticAbu Taleb Rostam (997–1029), Buyid amir of Ray, IranMirza Abu Taleb Khan (1752–1805/6), Indo-Persian administrator famous for his travelogue about EuropeSufi Abu Taleb (1925–2008), President of EgyptFat’hi …

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Miʻrāj & day of Mabʻath

The Israʾ and Miʿraj are the two parts of a Night Journey that, according to Islam, the prophet Muhammad (570–632) took during a single night around the year 621. Within Islam it signifies both a physical and spiritual journey. A brief sketch of the story is in the Quran surah al-Isra, while greater detail is …

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Birth of Zaynab bint Ali, 6 A.H.

Zaynab bint Ali, also spelled Zainab, was the daughter of Ali ibn Abi Talib and Fatimah bint Muhammad. The Islamic Prophet Muhammad was her maternal grandfather, and thus she is a member of his Ahl al-Bayt. She is often revered not only for her characteristics and actions, but also for her membership in, and continuation …

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